"What I like about their webstore is their very trendy pieces that are very easy to match even if you're more of a more 'boring' dresser,
you can choose to get their basics of which they stock in multi colours so you can have your pick! If you prefer something a little more cutesy,
they also have items like printed pinafores/dresses/tunics. I think their style is a little more girly... also.. their lil $5 off deal is pretty
awesome if you're looking for a bargain!" Read more on Rachel's blog! 
 "I super duper love the item I kept from them this time... wore it to school today and kept looking down to see the cute print!!
The quality is really good - thick, and printing is awesome as well." Read more on Rachel's blog!
"When I look at this, a picnic scene automatically pops in my head and I can just imagine myself with this on,
rolling some strings trying to get the kite flying and having my two dogs running around trying to catch each other
with Alex snapping photos of us all and hugging me from the back while he flies the kite and I cheekily plant a kiss on
his soft skin and run over to grab a sandwich full of peanut butter and jam how?" Read more on Chloe's Blog!
"So H for HAPPY when I received this top from them because damnnnnnnn!! the material is pow wow wow!! 
it's freaking good quality!! It's not your normal cotton material that will be washed out after turns and tosses in the washing machine!!"